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Brian’s favorite iOS Apps

Pretty much every day somebody asks me what iOS Apps I use or am currently using. The obvious ones I’m sure most people use, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (not me!) etc. So I’ll do my best to skip those. Here are three Apps I use constantly:



I’ve never liked the Twitter App, even from its earliest days as Tweetie before Twitter bought it. My solution on iPhone, iPad and now Mac too is Tweetbot. It’s slick to look at, has nice sounds, uses iCloud to make sure you don’t have to re-read tweets you’ve read on a different device and integrates well with another one of my favourite Apps (more on that later).
Tweetbot is currently €2.69 in the App Store it’s a no brainier for me.



My first use of Pocket was to save articles so I could read them when I didn’t have WiFi. Now I have a different use. Using Tweetbot I can easily ‘Send to Pocket’ the links shared by people on Twitter so I can read them later, or simply have them in all one place rather than switching back and forth between Tweetbot and Safari. Basically Pocket is a reader which allows you to read saved links. Your account allows you to see your saved links on any device and also save links from any device (in iOS you can save links through Safari too).
The easiest part of selling Pocket, it’s free.



Personally I’m a list kind of person when I need to get things done. Nothing makes making and completing lists as nice as Clear. Incredibly simple to use with its gesture based controls, (I also love the sounds,) Clear allows you to spend more time completing the things on your list than creating it. With multiple lists and iCloud support for syncing with Mac, Clear does it all.
Clear is available on the App Store for €1.79.

Reach me on Twitter: @brianmcdon